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Ventura Crime Map And Stats

You may think your neighborhood is safe, but how will your community compare with the greater municipality? Look at the following Ventura crime map and find out how your neighborhood holds up. Then take a quick look at some tips to make your family and city more safe and secure.

Ventura Crime Map

This Ventura Crime Map shows a summary of known crime in the city. Deeper red sections indicate a larger concentration of incidences in relation to the overall area. To zoom out, use the + button. Zoom in to an individual area by tapping the -.

Common Tips On How To Help Keep Your Neighborhood Safer

If you need to reduce crime, there's a few easy things you can do about your street’s safety. Here are 5 effective ways for keeping your community secure and inviting.

Know your neighbors: The more you meet your neighbors, the easier it will be to protect one another. Many blocks in Ventura have even formed a formal neighborhood watch.

Install a home security system: If a burglar triggers a motion sensor, it may make them think twice about lurking around that same community for a while. Your security cameras might also capture vandals running through your front yard when escaping from a thwarted break-in.

Keep items hidden in your vehicle: Storing your purse, iPad, or mobile phone in the car can instigate a vehicular break-in. Always remember to bring in your valuables or hide them out of view in a glove compartment or trunk.

Install motion flood lights: Burglars hate light. By putting up motion-activated lights over the garage or a patio door, you might scare off a burglary before it happens.

Tell trusted people when you’re gone: Let a neighbor know when you’re out of town, and give them a front door key or door lock code to check-in periodically. Although, leave your travel plans off social media if at all possible.

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